Marketing automation

The design and implementation of an effective marketing campaign should always start with smart business rules and full campaign automation. Not only does this ensure all variables are accounted for, but also time and cost efficiencies. And, with our automation, you get full, real time reports, allowing campaign re-direction any time.

Communicate with relevance

Why limit your communications to a single channel? A multi-channel approach—encompassing email, SMS, print, web, microsites and social media—ensures you communicate in the most relevant, effective way possible to reach each of your target markets. Don’t become a digital dinosaur; let Eastern Press show you how digital communication is done.

Augmented Reality

AR increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. Research has shown that AR increases the perceived value of products and brands. AR is now mobile and therefore hugely accessible to a rapidly growing smartphone market. Well implemented AR can provide brand owners access to detailed analytics enabling them to truly understand their audience.